Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Blog

It's been very hard to stay consistent with this blog; I've been really busy and now that my fraternity pledging and my trip to visit my friend Peggy in San Fransisco is over, I am starting a whole new stage in my life. I WANT TO BE ACCEPTED INTO A GRAD. PROGRAM AT YALE, and I need to keep my grades/GPA up the next year and a half. Also, there's a lot of changes that I want to make this year in my life this year that are between...well, me and myself.
To write a blog entry, I have to be overtaken with some kind of emotion or idea that triggers me to sit down and write. I haven't been too inspired lately to write, and when I have been, I've been too busy or not in a good writing environment.
I wanted to write a blog about this, but never had the chance. Go see the movie Seven Pounds. It'll change your life, I can promise you. I couldn't sleep the night I first saw it and have seen it again since. It's made me think about a lot of things, and put many things in my life into perspective.
I didn't want to put any of my "writing" on this blog except for blog posts, but since the site is being constructed slowly, I'm going to add a poem I wrote on my plane ride home from California about the New Year. I think it works well with this blog and with the holiday.
Have a happy new year!


The happiness I thought I knew
deceived me then but now I wake.
The things I thought would get me through
have put the things I love at stake.

And now I'll need to get on track
though everything I know has changed;
I need to get that person back
whose love could never be deranged.

The happiness I thought I knew
has fallen deep within my dreams.
I never had to search far to
refind myself and mend the seams.

And passion holds a thousand hands
while waves burst down on ocean sands.

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