Monday, March 1, 2010

System Reset

This is quick because it's late, but it's something I needed to do. I NEED to keep myself writing, so if I'm not working on my book, I need to at least get myself to write on here. All of my old followers probably forgot about this blog by now, but that's okay. Maybe I can recruit some new ones? HA.
So, my quick update is that I'm working on a book. More on that to come, but through my job as a personal trainer, I've found a great mentor who actually is a literary agent and is encouraging me to keep writing. The deal is, if I write, she looses weight, and we help each other. It's win win! Writing is something I miss. It's something I need in my life. Every day, some how, in some shape or form.
Life brings on so much, for me it's long and excruciating work hours, training for a fitness competition, being a dog owner and boyfriend, and a new home-owner. Regardless, writing is good for me in many ways, and if I ever want to write a book, I ought to keep punching letters on my Mac.
Encourage me. Yell at me if I don't post. I need this.

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