Friday, June 4, 2010

Back at it

Not much to say tonight, but a whole bunch to say in upcoming posts. I'm using this blog to keep myself writing, up to date with current events, and also to keep my head AWAY from fitness and anything fitness related. My whole life has been fitness since I turned 16 and although I love helping people achieve their goals, too much of a good thing an be deadly.
Just watched the first episode of season three of Whale Wars and about to catch up on my stack of National Geographic. I hope if you read this blog you'll check Whale Wars out at 9pm on Fridays, although know there will be reruns on Animal Planet frequently. Paul Watson is a hero and an idol to me; his ruthlessness, strength, and courage, are attributes that I seek to engrave in myself as I get older and figure out what the hell I am going to do with my life.

I'm very bothered by this whole Oil Spill on the Gulf Coast. I can't figure out why the hell it happened, why it hasn't been reprimanded more severely (money is nothing to a major corporation, and why it hasn't already been cleaned up. 700 birds already dead? I heard a statistic from a client today who told me that for every one bird that is found dead or harmed by the deadly oil, 4-8 more have been killed are harmed. That means that means that it is possible that close to 6,000 birds are now dead. I haven't heard much about the other marine life, although imagine how many fish are dead, fisherman jobless, and ocean wildlife destroyed. This is the biggest man-caused environmental catastrophe that I have personally lived through and watching it on CNN nearly brings me to tears every time.
I told a friend that I'd drop everything I have now: my home, my life, my jobs here, if I was given an opportunity to get down the gulf and save some of those animals. I'll be in Florida next week and I'm both eager and afraid to see the impact on the spills at the beach.
There has got to be some sort of penalty for BP, especially after over 750 OCEA violations. My client suggested a corporate "death penalty" for such a tragic "accident" and i totally agree with this. That company needs to be shut down. I saw a commercial today, I believe by the national Guard, about American Energy and switching our powering sources to non-oil fueling mechanics. Why isn't more attention being paid to these ideas? If we used some of our money that is currently being put toward overseas battles for oil, we'd have less war, more productivity, and an interdependence solely based in this country.
My next car will absolutely be electric...

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