Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emerson's Cabin

Whether it is true that Ralph W. Emerson secluded himself in a cabin for however long he did, or whether he visited with the townspeople and his mother on a weekly basis, it is true that everyone needs to take time to themselves to step back from the world. This is written in my favorite Robert Frost poem Into My Own.
Taking time to step away from things, away from society, people, noise, the rush, and all other stresses, helps us hear the words inside our head which have struggled to be heard during times of most busyness. 
This is why Emerson retreated into the woods to write Walden, and this is why I chose to stay on campus this Thanksgiving break rather than spend my week home with my family. I'll spend time with them, especially on Thanksgiving Day, but I need this time alone to complete tasks, to write and read, and to spend some time listening to myself. It sounds very "hippy-ish," but try taking a day, or better yet a weekend or a week and secluding yourself. Light a few candles, buy a new book, grab a pad and write and draw how you've been feeling. Doing this is a type of expression that every person NEEDS and can help one stay sane, or regain sanity. 
I skipped one of my classes today and spent the afternoon in the Barnes and Noble coffee shop. I'm working on a short story called Addiction about a man who is haunted by alcoholism throughout his life. The title will probably change once its completed, but I was able to write three pages or so while drinking coffee and relaxing. 
I also bought two new books: Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, and Stephen King's Memoir of the Craft, a book that he wrote about writing. 
I spent much of the later afternoon reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior, a book that was recommended to me by a friend, and a book with the words "A Book That Changes Lives" written under the title. I believe that a book can change a life, and I've read a few that have changed my life. Someday, I want to write a book that changes lives.
Unfortunately, if I ever want to write a book, I need to graduate college, and with that said, I need to write a paper. Goodnight!

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