Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Last Day Of My Life

I'm sitting here at my table in my apartment, candles lit, totally procrastinating doing any form of work that involves the word "college." Instead, what I'm going to provide here at 12:11am, will be words from a "college student" with little life experience and one who has had little sleep in the past few nights. Since I'm lacking inspiration, I'm going to quickly complete a google search to find some. 
I searched for "life-changing quotes" and here's the first one I found:

"If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I'm about to do today?"
-Steven Jobs.

Now I have no idea who Steven Jobs is, why he asked this question, or why he is worth being quoted asking this question in the first place, but the question did get me thinking a bit. 

If today were the last day of my life, I would absolutely NOT spend it doing what I'm about to do today (after I wake up at 6am to start my day). If I was going to die the day after tomorrow, I wouldn't go to class all day long and take a nap in between. There's TONS of other things that I would do. These are things that any decent human being would probably do, and this is something not even worth writing about. With that said, I do like to plan, but I do not want to plan the last day of my life. 

I can tell you some things that I wouldn't do. I wouldn't go to the gym; I love working out and am fascinated with the good it can do for the body. However, the reason I love working out so much isn't because "bigger muscles make me look more attractive" or because it will make me live longer and healthier. I love the impact that an efficient work-out program can have on a person's life (combined with an ideal diet plan and sleep pattern). I once worked with a boy, no younger than fifteen years old who told me he wanted to kill himself because everyday he was teased in school for being overweight. If no one had ever helped this boy, he might not still be sitting in his classroom today. Fitness means a lot more to people than many would ever think, and I hate when people label others with names like  "gym-rat" or "meat-head." I can honestly say that my first gym membership which my parents bought for me around 2002 saved my life. I wouldn't be the same person I am today had I never picked up my first free-weight. I wouldn't spend the last day of my life in a gym, but I'd make sure I relayed what I just wrote above to the people closest to me. If my last words were spoke of the importance of fitness on the people of our society, I wouldn't feel disappointed. 

I wouldn't write a book. This is because I could never write a book in a day, I can't sit still long enough. I also cant read a full book. I always tell people that I have "book ADD." I have a bookshelf filled with books separated by bookmarks. This is because most of them are half-read. I keep saying I'm going to finish them all, yet on the last day of my life, this is something that wouldn't cross my mind. 

I wouldn't kill anybody because as I would know, life's too short, and nobody has the right to take another's life. Well, I take that back; nobody has the right to take another's life  most of the time, but that's writing for another blog entry. 

I wouldn't rob a bank, or steal anything. Material objects, those things that are worth the most in the eyes of many, hold the value of nothing when you have one day to live. I might actually give away my material possessions, giving to my family and friends things that mattered the most to me, and donating the rest to a charity of some sort. 

I wouldn't have a party because I think parties are over rated. I may, however, have for myself a funeral, like in the book Tuesday's With Morrie. I live every day of my life hoping to make an impact on those I meet and I'd love to see all of the people I may have reached, those that I love, admire, am inspired by, and care the most about, in one room together, smiling and talking. If I was offered one final wish, I think that would be it. 

As I always tell my friends "my eyes are tired" right now. My friends always respond sarcastically by saying "just your eyes are tired?" With that we laugh, and I go to bed soon after. I am going to go to bed now, with certain academic goals unattained, I'll attempt to do my school reading tomorrow. To me, blogging counts as writing, so my goal of writing a page a day has been attained for today, and this productivity is somewhat comforting to me. Comforting enough to allow me to fall asleep within the next ten minutes. 



Anonymous said...

Rob I had no idea you were such a reflective and deep person. It is so refreshing to read your writing. You are the type of person college is made for, you genuinly seem to seek answers to the worlds problems. Keep the writing coming!

Michael Ciarlo said...

He is the CEO of Apple Inc. I'm guessing part of this quote stems from his bout of cancer a few years back.