Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running Dry

It's been a pretty good today- better than yesterday. I got some stuff done off my "Thanksgiving break task list," yet none of it was actual school work. I have 100 pages of reading due tomorrow, and I cant seem to get through it. The book is called Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham, and it's terrible. I'm on page 2o and am about ready to throw it in the garbage.
I'm also reading a compilation of short stories for my history class about the Holocaust called This Way For The Gas, Ladies And Gentleman. Quite frankly, I think the class is complete bullshit... I learned about slavery and the Holocaust in middle school, high school, and last year in my world literature class. I'm not insensitive to the topics, I'm just sick of reading the same things, answering the same questions, and wasting my education taking 8am classes about it all. 
I'm sitting in my living room, the pine smell from my swiffer mop still lingering in the room, and the rain tapping the windows in such a manner it's putting me to sleep. It's been a great past few days alone (my roomate went home for the holiday), but tomorrow it comes to an end. The apartment will be noisy and messy again, and I'll spend more time in my room, again. It's nothing against him, it's just that I like being alone to think about things; what I'm reading, going to write, or how I feel about situations going on in my life. I like the quiet, it helps soothe me and help me relax. 
This week's looking to be the busiest of my whole semester, probably the whole year. I'm hoping after this weeks over to proceed with the website and have some more writing posted; it should be complete by mid-December. Hopefully during the winter break I'll be able to focus on sending some writing out to be published, and I'll have a few short stories complete by then too. 
No real epiphanies today... it's going to be a LONG night. I'm off to crack open a Red Bull, or make some coffee. 

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