Sunday, March 1, 2009

(A poem from a while ago)

At The Fair

A skeleton dances in the window

of a tower which harbors ghosts and fear,

and screams can be heard from inside.

Children run by me,

and hop behind the wheel

of cars which will soon crash.

One boy yells for his mother,

signaling for her to come to him.

Two more race across the green

and disappear into a crowd.

Some board alien space shuttles,

and others enter rockets;

yet some prefer the pirate ships.

People shout in the distance,

pleading for money to play

games that can’t be won,

and some girls walk by and smile at me,

as they sip from mango flavored smoothies.

I turn my head as people are suddenly propelled into the air

in an elevator stretching for the Heavens.

Their shrieks of satisfaction can be heard,

and when their feet touch the ground again,

a smile overtakes their faces.

Another child calls for his mother,

who holds a giant stuffed dog under one arm

and appears aggravated and tired.

I take everything in.

I take in the sights of pure mayhem,

which have taken over this once peaceful place.

I sit back on the bench

and eat the last nacho in my tray,

and then I close my eyes

breathing in the nights fresh air.

When I open them the mayhem is gone

and I’m alone under the star-lit sky.

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