Tuesday, March 24, 2009

::The Revelation::

     It's always crazy how bad you may think you want something one day, and then the next, realize you'd either built something up more than it really was in your head, or it's just not as good as you thought it was or should be.
     When this happens, it's kind of like a big let-down... it's like you spend so much time thinking and dreaming about that one thing, and then in one quick instant, it all falls down. 
     I guess it really is true, life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes there's very high highs, very low lows, and then the rest of the ride manages to stay somewhere in between. 
     I'm in California now, flying home tonight and I'll be home by tomorrow. I love being out here, but I've been away for almost two weeks and I'm ready to come home. I've decided to take summer classes and not go away to personal train in the Pocono's this summer. This may make for a miserable summer break, yet it pushes me forward in the long run, enabling me to graduate next Spring and not in two falls from now. 
     I think I want to open a gym when I graduate. The two things I love in life are fitness and reading/writing, and if I someday had my own gym, that would give me plenty of time to write. I also love helping and working with people, and opening a gym, if done right, is a great way to care for and help others. 
      This may change tomorrow.

     Hence, I guess I'm over the "I've got to be somewhere else" stage in my life. 
I would give anything to be able to move away, but the key phrase there is be able.
With the people I love, mainly my family, in Connecticut, I couldn't be away from them for too long of a time. I guess I'll have to just suck up New England's painfully cold and miserable winters, and the "up-tight, close minded, and non-health conscious" people that surround me. 
     I guess thats why I'm here... to make an impact and create a change...

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