Monday, February 23, 2009

And life goes on...

I always use this analogy to describe my love for fitness to people; Like some people find god or some people find Jesus, I found the weight room. I feel that picking up my first set of dumbells when I was fifteen years old really saved my life, and my love for fitness is something that I know I'll never loose. 
If you don't know me, I'm a personal trainer and aerobics/spin instructor as well as a college english writing/literature major. Those are my two passions, both in which I hope to make a difference by using. 
Last semester and during the winter break from school I really stopped working out and eating healthy. I drank too much and really lost touch with myself. I lost control in all aspects of my life; my friends and family, my social life, all organizational skills... my goals became farther away and my values became blurry. 
I guess the gym is something I keep "finding." I started back up this semester and the addiction returned, along with my organization, a happier-more energetic persona, and a refueled passion. I lost the desire to drink four or five nights a week, and sometimes ever, and I am VERY careful about what I eat. Although it's tedious, I track all of my calories and am right now planning to lean up for two photo shoots in a little over a month from now. It feels great to have goals again.
When I am eating healthy and working out regularly, everything seems to fall into place. The peer pressure to eat our or drink more than one or two drinks is GIGANTIC, and sometimes almost impossible to battle. I struggle with the urge to want to be out with my friends and eating and drinking what they are, with the urge to stay home and be alone to avoid these things. I need to be strong and keep hanging out with my friends; good fitness habits need to be enjoyable and not something that ruins any other part of my life. 
Academically I feel great too. I study a lot and actually started up a study group in my toughest class. A friend of mine, someone at this school who inspires me to work hard toward my goals, showed me something called... well I forgot what she calls it, but I call it a goal board. I bought a bulletin board for my room and tacked up the things that I am pushing for in my life. On the board is a picture of "ripped abs," and the words Bodyfat % less than 10%. Next to that is a picture of a Y and the Yale bulldog over it. This is because I want to go to Yale for graduate school. The numbers/words 3.7 GPA are over that. And last, under that, is a scene of a farm and house in the country. Someday I want to live in the country, in a place with a lot of land and a great place to write and have a family. This means a lot to me. 
I have tons of laundry to fold, and this blog sidetracked me tonight--- I WILL BE MORE CONSISTENT! Goodnight.

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